When the newly bi-generated Doctor whacked the TARDIS with a giant hammer in The Giggle he created an almost identical duplicate. And, in the moment, she was created all her memories flooded back. This ingenious autobiography allows you to relive the entire history of Doctor Who from the perspective of the Doctor’s trusty space and…

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In Wonderland Book

Curiouser and curiouser! This fun tale from the madcap mind of Paul Magrs thrusts the TARDIS travellers into the world of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Taking a break in Oxford, the Fifth Doctor and his companions run into Alice-author Lewis Carroll at a garden party. But when all their fellow guests turn into animals, they…

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Goth Opera Audio Drama

It’s 30 years since the beginning of The Missing Adventures range which, for the first time (barring a few choose your own adventure books) presented original novels featuring the first six Doctors. The range kicked off with Goth Opera, written by Paul Cornell who had made a name for himself with a run of popular…

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