Weeping Angel statuette

Aidan Edwards, Stockport


The Tenth Doctor and River Song

L Foster, Melton Mowbray

S Knuckey, Camborne

M Hurley, Essex

R Williams, Cardiff


Daleks Destroy

J Mortimer, Hampshire

S Little, Stanmore

M Williams, Middlesbrough

K Riley, Manchester

B Mistry, Bradford


Time Lord Victorious Blu-ray

R Partis, Kent

N Hellard, London

V Poulston, Cheshire

S Dean, Farnborough

G Hale, Derby


The Wintertime Paradox

C Hyman, Borehamwood

A Eves, Cheshire

D Vickers, Deeside

R Allison, Sidcup

L Stewart, Lancs