At the end of 2017 a remarkable chapter in the history of Doctor Who draw to a close. Two incarnations of the Time Lord overcame an existential threat… before the arrival of the Thirteenth Doctor heralded a bold new era for the programme.

The latest Special Edition of Doctor Who Magazine is a unique celebration of the Twelfth Doctor’s final adventures, from The Return of Doctor Mysterio through to Twice Upon a Time. Packed full of all-new features and previously unseen images, this is the essential guide to the year in Doctor Who.

Highlights include exclusive new interviews with:

Joe Browning, Jimmy Mann, Gary Pollard and Kate Walshe (Millennium FX)
Ysanne Churchman (the voice of Alpha Centauri in Empress of Mars)
Matthew Clark (graphic designer, 2017 series)
Rachel Denning (Erica in The Pyramid at the End of the World)
Mark Gatiss (Captain Lethbridge-Stewart in Twice Upon a Time)
Stephanie Hyam (Heather in The Pilot and The Doctor Falls)
Adele Lynch (Iraxxa in Empress of Mars)
Rove McManus (host of Australian show Whovians)
Rachel Talalay (director of three episodes in the 2017 series)
Alexandra Tynan (designer of the original Cybermen)

Editor Marcus Hearn says: “The latest Yearbook is out a little later than usual, because we wanted to complete our coverage of the Twelfth Doctor’s stories by including Twice Upon a Time. This issue covers more episodes than any previous Yearbooks, but there are many other fantastic articles in there too. We hope this is a great souvenir of an incredible era.”