In the run-up to the publication of Issue 500, we asked Doctor Who fans and DWM readers to vote for their favourite covers of the magazine, choosing from the first 499 issues. After ten preliminary rounds which collectively received 54,565 votes, the 50 finalists were pitted against each other in order to determine the GREATEST DWM COVER OF ALL TIME! Every single cover received at least three votes – which proves that they’re all loved by someone!

A massive 11,435 votes were cast in the final round, and we can now reveal the overall Top Ten.

In tenth place is Issue 320, published in 2002 – a portrait of the Brigadier, spoofing the 1914 Lord Kitchener poster, painted by Daryl Joyce.

In ninth place is Issue 389, published in 2007 – as the Fifth and Tenth Doctors were brought together for Children in Need, and a famous DWM typo from 1982 was corrected into the bargain!

In eighth place is Issue 440, published in 2011 – the tribute edition for Sarah Jane actress Elisabeth Sladen, who passed away earlier that year.

In seventh place is Issue 390, published in 2007 – the memorable image of pop legend Kylie Minogue posing with a bronze Dalek!

In sixth place is Issue 471, published in 2014 – a beautiful wrap-around cover of a Dalek and planet Skaro, produced by digital illustrator Gavin Rymill.

In fifth place is Issue 174, published in 1991 – a painting of the first seven Doctors from extraordinary artist Alister Pearson.

In fourth place is Issue 423, published in 2010 – the very simple image of the crack in time and space, which haunted the Doctor throughout that year’s series.

In third place is Issue 474, published in 2014 – an extraordinary gatefold composition of monsters and villains from the first 50 years of Doctor Who, assembled by Richard Atkinson.

In second place is Issue 1, published in 1979 – a very fondly remembered image of the Fourth Doctor and a Dalek, with the promise of FREE TRANSFERS!

In first place, however, is Issue 467, published in 2013 – a beautiful rendering of the TARDIS and the citadel on Gallifrey, created by Gavin Rymill for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. A worthy winner!

Thank you so much for all your votes!