The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine is selling out in shops across the UK. Published last Thursday (14 November), the special 50th anniversary edition is the largest selling issue for decades.

DWM Editor Tom Spilsbury says, “It’s astonishing! I’ve never seen anything like it. Truth be told, I was a little nervous about the 50th anniversary issue – we worked hard to put together a really good package for readers, but you never quite know how anything is going to go down. You just cross you fingers and hope people like it. We’ve been overwhelmed with messages from readers who have enjoyed the new magazine – but what has been even more exciting is seeing after just a few days on sale, the issue was selling out across the country! We’ve been taken completely by surprise, as we’d already printed a lot more copies than usual, so Panini has taken the unprecedented step of reprinting the issue in order to get more stock out to the shops. I was looking back at past sales figures, and it’s sold even more copies than the ‘Bad Wolf’ edition of 2008 (issue 397), which was the previous highest seller of recent years. To go back to find an issue that has sold even more copies… well, it’s the early 1980s at least – and then our records run out. So I can truthfully say it’s the highest selling issue of DWM since records began! And that’s not even including digital sales. An amazing thing for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Thank you so much to all our readers, for your support over the years. To keep the magazine going for the 16 years when the TV show itself had gone off air is down to your passion and loyalty. And if you haven’t got your anniversary issue yet – well, snap it up fast, before it dematerialises for good!”