2009 Specials Steelbook

S Gough, Jersey

S Horton, Walsall

M Dickens, Colchester

A Cantrill, Dudley

M Ring, Milton Keynes


The Paternoster Gang: Heritage 2

D Allen, London

R Shipp, Stourport-on-Severn

V Haddock, Bolton

L Whitefoot, Tamworth

E Parr, Widnes


The Abominable Snowmen vinyl

G Hibbert, Devon


The Target Storybook

I Dunlop, Dumfries
C Whitehead, Halifax

D Rolls, Orpington

C Peace, Leeds

J Fenlon, Havant


The Flight of the Sun God and The Scent of Blood

S Davies, Aberdare

F Marshall, Suffolk

C Powell, Pontypridd

C Nott, Herts

O Jackson, Wiltshire