THE COMPLETE RUN OF FIFTH DOCTOR COMIC STRIPS FROM THE PAGES OF DOCTOR WHO MONTHLY! The travelling Time Lord has regenerated – and he’s back in this third collection of classic comic-strips! Join the heroic Fifth Doctor in his complete DWM strip collection – six incredible, out-of-this-world adventures from the pen of Steve Parkhouse: THE TIDES OF TIME, STARS FELL ON STOCKBRIDGE, THE STOCKBRIDGE HORROR, LUNAR LAGOON, 4-DIMENSIONAL VISTAS and The MODERATOR! In these mind-bending adventures through time, space and alternate realities, the Doctor finds himself up against old enemies – the Ice Warriors and the Meddling Monk – plus an incredible array of new foes – including the demonic Melanicus, the money-grabbing Josiah W Dogbolter, trigger-happy Time Lord Tubal Cain, and a ghostly presence aboard his own TARDIS!