The Complete Doctor Who Back-Up Tales Volume 1.

Delve into the ancient Time-Archives of Gallifrey and discover 12 thrilling comic-strip stories starring the Doctor’s most famous foes!

Across all of time and space, the amazing worlds and terrifying monsters of Doctor Who are explored like never before! These extraordinary ‘back-up tales’ from the pages of Doctor Who Weekly are an early glimpse into the greater Whoniverse. Whether it’s movie madness with the Daleks on the planet Anhaut, a Cyberman who seems to have a soul, or the dangerous scheming of a hyper-intelligent Ogron, these action-packed adventures are perfect for Doctor Who fans of all ages!

PLUS! Find out the story behind the stories with an extensive commentary section, along with an introduction by original Doctor Who Weekly editor Dez Skinn.

Release date: 1 Jul 2024