From the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, every single comic strip to feature the Ninth Doctor and Rose – in one volume! Get ready for the trip of a lifetime as the TARDIS travels to London in the Swinging Sixties, to a trans-dimensional gallery in the 37th century, to the oceans of Mars in the distant future, and backwards in time to Shakespeare’s England. Featuring five incredible adventures: The Love Invasion by Gareth Roberts, Art Attack by Mike Collins, The Cruel Sea by Robert Shearman, Mr Mobody by SCOTT GRAY, and A Groatsworth of Wit by Gareth Roberts. PLUS! Steven Moffat’s short story from the Doctor Who Annual 2006 which inspired the TV episode Blink: What I Did on my Summer Holidays by Sally Sparrow. PLUS! A bumper commentary section where the writer and artists reveal the stories behind the strips. Featuring never-before-published artwork, original story outlines and much more!