The Clockwise War is a 155-page collection of comic strips from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine and the Doctor Who Yearbooks published by Marvel UK from 1994-96. The book is in full colour throughout and contains the following strips:

  • The Clockwise War by Scott Gray and John Ross
  • The Cybermen by Alan Barnes and Adrian Salmon
  • A Religious Experience by Tim Quinn and John Ridgway
  • Rest & Re-Creation by Scott Gray and Charlie Adlard
  • The Naked Flame by Scott Gray and Charlie Adlard

The Clockwise War is the final Twelfth Doctor adventure and features a special chapter starring the War Doctor and set during the Time War. The Cybermen art has been ‘remastered’ by Adrian Salmon and for the first time the saga will be completely in colour. Adrian has coloured the first six pages, previously only published in black and white. Also included is an in-depth behind-the-scenes feature written by the creators, with many previously unseen design sketches and pencil pages.

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