The Eighth Doctor clashes with a new host of enemies in this latest collection of classic adventures! This volume features seven amazing stories: OPHIDIUS, BEAUTIFUL FREAK, THE WAY OF ALL FLESH, CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION, ME AND MY SHADOW, UROBOROS and OBLIVION! The Doctor and Izzy encounter Destrii, a strange alien girl on the run from a mysterious force. The meeting triggers a devastating series of events which threaten to destroy the duo’s friendship – and bring about the release of a cosmic force with the power to crush every star in the universe! Fey Truscott-Sade returns – with Shayde in tow – as our heroes battle a sentient starship, body-stealers, fire-breathing rock monsters, Nazi troopers, living skeletons, a psychotic alien artist… and a very different race of Daleks! Plus dazzling selection of EXTRA FEATURES: A newly extended conclusion to the poll-winning Dalek strip CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION!