The time-travelling Doctor is now in his eighth incarnation – and back in this bumper collection of classic comic tales! Don’t miss six more astonishing adventures: ENDGAME, THE KEEP, FIRE AND BRIMSTONE, TOOTH AND CLAW, THE FINAL CHAPTER and WORMWOOD, plus two bonus stories: A LIFE OF MATTER AND DEATH and BY HOOK OR BY CROOK! With new companions sci-fi geek Izzy and super-cool spy Fey Truscott-Sade by his side, the Doctor must confront an armada of his deadliest enemies! Classic foes the Daleks and the Celestial Toymaker are joined by high society vampires, killer chimpanzees, psychic parasites, the dreaded Elysian Cult and the transdimensional conspirators known as the Threshold! The heroic Time Lord is also joined by old friends UFO-spotter Maxwell Edison and the mysterious Matrix agent Shayde in a series of amazing voyages ranging from the strange village of Stockbridge to the Doctor’s fabled homeworld of Gallifrey! PLUS a special 16-page behind-the-scenes feature!