From scenes which didn’t make the final cut to characters who were completely edited out… Issue 525 of Doctor Who Magazine brings you the best bits of Doctor Who you never got to see!

Doctor Who Magazine 525 also includes:

• An interview with Will Oswald, an editor on Doctor Who from 2007 to 2017

DWM chats to Michelle Ryan about the return of her character Lady Christina de Souza

• The Time Team returns – and they’ve regenerated!

Out of the TARDIS with Janet Fielding, who played 80s companion Tegan

• A look back at the ways new Doctors have been introduced to the public

• Jamie Lenman’s cosplay quest to recreate the Fourth Doctor’s scarf

• Part Two of The Clockwise War, a new comic strip adventure featuring the Doctor and Bill

The Fact of Fiction delves into the 2009 Tenth Doctor story Planet of the Dead

• Previews, book and audio reviews, news, The Blogs of Doom, prize-winning competitions and much, much more!