The makers of Doctor Who Magazine continue their acclaimed series of bookazines with a 116-page issue devoted to the Doctor’s own race!

The Time Lords includes exclusive interviews with Terrance Dicks (co-writer of The War Games), Stephen Thorne (who played Omega in The Three Doctors), Michael Jayston (the Valeyard in The Trial of a Time Lord), Douglas Mackinnon (the director of Listen) and T’Nia Miller (who played the female incarnation of Gallifrey’s General in Hell Bent). In another of the issue’s highlights Andrew Smith – the writer of the 1980 story Full Circle – interviews Lalla Ward, who played the second incarnation of Time Lady Romana.

Elsewhere there are detailed guides to Time Lord books and comic strips, and a look at the complex events of the Time War. Each Gallifrey story receives its own, two-page episode guide. The issue is richly illustrated with rare pictures and previously unseen production designs.

“The events of the last series restored the Time Lords, and their home planet Gallifrey, to the forefront of Doctor Who,” says editor Marcus Hearn. “We’ve brought together that mythology and production information in a guide that covers everything you need to know – from The Time Meddler in 1965 to Hell Bent in 2015.”